“World Championships of A Cappella”…Please Stay Loyal to That


Who can forget Pitch Perfect, the movie that introduced the cup as a percussion instrument and brought a cappella to popular culture? I absolutely LOVED this movie. I already loved a cappella before it, so if anything it fueled my love for it. I loved the Riff Offs and the final performances and the storyline was also well done.

So, obviously, I am SUPER PUMPED for the second instalment. Pentatonix, my favorite a cappella group, is going to feature in it as well and in general, I’m curious to see the musical works they’ll be pulling off this time.

Here’s the trailer:


As the trailer went by, I got more and more excited, until they mentioned the ‘World Championships of A Cappella’.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I don’t like the concept. I’m all for global collaborations and different cultures uniting under music. My concern is that the movie won’t accurately represent it.

In the trailer, the only ‘international’ part we saw was a group with a European-ish accent. No Asians, no Africans. People mostly of the same colour.

I’m not saying that the trailer necessarily showed all the different a cappella groups but I’m still wary. If they want to truly call it ‘world championships’ there better be people from different countries represented accurately, not weird like the Korean girl in the Bellas.

Imagine if that’s what it turns out to be? That’ll be such an amazing collaboration. A cappella in different languages with different outfits and dances, but still with the same passion of the Barden Bellas or Treblemakers. But my hunch is that it won’t end up being like that…I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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