Kpop: Bright Colors, Catchy Tunes, and Lawsuits…?!


*ringtone* (who texts me this early, seriously)

*reaches over for phone, stares at the one word written: bap?* (what is that again? oh, yeah. B.A.P., the Korean group. so?-)

*falls back asleep. in dream, the text comes back. as soon as awake, texts back*

My text: Yeah, so?

Response: All six members of BAP just filed a lawsuit…

My response:…WAIT WHAT?

2014 has seen the most lawsuits/line changes in Kpop history. First we had Kris leaving EXO. Then, Luhan followed suit (haha, pun. Get it? Suit=lawsuit…okay, not funny). And Z;EA also had issues with their company not treating them well. And MBLAQ had some members leaving for acting or whatnot. And Nicole from KARA left, leaving from for Youngji, the newest member, to step in. And Hello Venus had people leaving. And Fiestar. And Jessica from SNSD was kicked out, or it seemed like it.

And now Kpop has brought it home to an artist special to me: BAP, my first favorite group.

…WHAT IS THIS? BAP’s case isn’t like the other situations either, because instead of one member filing a suit, ALL SIX MEMBERS FILED A LAWSUIT. That means that something is seriously wrong.

Everyone was kind of wary of BAP’s promotions. The joke was that they’d make a comeback every month, or every other. They were constantly coming out with new songs that it almost became like a trend. New month? New BAP comeback, get ready! In a sense, the group was at a disadvantage because they are from a smaller company. To make up for it, they promoted endlessly. BABYs, the BAP fandom, were extremely worried about the members. How could anyone be okay with such strenuous and continuous promotions? Yet we assured ourselves that they did it because they loved it and because they were always smiling for us, making us happy.

Yet all along, they were hurting. That’s what hurts the most as being a fan of BAP.

BAP filed a lawsuit on the basis that they were being overworked, having too long of a contract with TS Entertainment, and not getting an equal share. They said that they got only $16,000 per person, which doesn’t seem too bad, but in comparison to the world tours they did and the eleven albums they sold within their three years of existence, it is a sliver of what they should have gotten.

What was it like for Yong-Guk, Himchan, Youngjae, Daehyun, Jongup, and Zelo to get together to decide on this? How long had they struggled with deteriorating health until they couldn’t anymore? I can almost imagine the leader, Yong-Guk, calling everyone together with a solemn face. Or perhaps it was all of them together unanimously. What about the two youngest, Jongup and Zelo who are my age? They shouldn’t have to go through such harsh circumstances in their job. How much were they hurting?-

I hope that at the end of this lawsuit, the boys will get what they rightfully deserve: better treatment and the ability to grow and improve as artists without crazy schedules, in a organic way, without being rushed. Best of luck, BAP, and I hope to see you with your next comeback with better health and shining smiles. Hwaiting~


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