from the plane//100TH POST


little wrinkles in the sky

tiny folds, creases in the clouds

as if the atmosphere was one big blanket

covering the bed that is Earth

~ ~ ~

I wrote this while looking out of the plane on the way back to Iowa City. I just woke up from a (much needed) nap and looked outside to see this beauty. It’s so serene and still up here, makes you think if this is where angels would play or nap (cause those clouds look nice and fluffy :P).

And guys OH MY GOODNESS IT’S ALREADY MY 100TH POST! *pats self on back* It’s been so much fun running this blog, writing about whatever random things come to mind, whether they be things that bother me, entertain me, or make me think.

A big thank you to my 76 followers~ I can’t believe that people would follow this completely all-over-the-place blog jumping from Kpop to traveling to university stories. Thank you for taking interest in me and I will try to blog better and more often for you, my friends 🙂 .

Onward to the next 100 posts!


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