What did you just say about Canada?-


“Canada? I’ve been to Canada before…yeah, it’s not that great.”


I turned around slowly to see who said such a thing; it was a girl from engineering completely blowing off Canada. Excuse me. EXCUSE ME. Who does she think she is? Where’d she even go? She probably went to boring places, puh-lease. Girl, you go to Montreal or Vancouver than tell me if you have the gall to say such a thing.

Whoa, Ashley. You only lived in Canada for three years, and you’re already getting protective over it?

Yes. Yes, I am because I love Canada. It’s just such a special little (okay, not really little) place and it’s so unique, especially Montreal. I’ve been telling everyone that they need to go to Montreal because gosh darn it it’s so pretty and the French-ness and geez it’s like going to Paris in America.

Even my roommate was appalled by the girl’s statement. My roommate went to Vancouver over the summer and absolutely loved it. I mean, what’s not to love about Canada? 🙂


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