Estelle and Garion, A Love Story Inspired by Mozart: Part 1

Welcome back, dear readers, to Part 1 of Estelle and Garion! The format of their story is in free verse: Garion is on the right and Estelle is on the left. Part 1 takes place when Garion has won the jousting tournament.

Part 1

Garion saw her as a celebrity figure

-to admire, not to have.

She didn’t know of his existence-

but she knew what she thought was his type:

‘lovestruck’ fans, admirers, loving her

for no good reason.

He worked hard to one day,

just one day,

catch her attention.

When she saw the handsome

dark-haired fellow approach,

all sweaty and dirty but with a shy grin,

though she knew he was just another admirer, still

his feat of winning was notable.

She smiled at him.

She smiled



His shy grin grew

until it lit his face, shining brilliantly;

it was so purse, so untarnished

that her heart reached out to it,

this beautiful beam of emotion-

but then

it wasn’t for her.

It was for the image of her,

not for her herself.

Her smile wavered

(was he too dirty?-)

but then it was back again

as she said  ‘congratulations’

but he couldn’t help but notice

her second smile was



That brilliance wasn’t for you,

she told herself sternly,

it was for the ghost, the shadow of you.

It hurt,

like a slap in the face,

but this is how it was was.

Don’t be so foolish. But smile,

to maybe see that smile again,

even if it’s not for you.


Part 2 here!


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