Estelle and Garion, A Love Story Inspired by Mozart: Part 2

Part 2, here we go! This part takes place after Garion saved Estelle (remember, because she was poisoned by Ethron? Here’s a quick refresher~) Remember, Estelle on the left and Garion on the right! Enjoy 🙂 And please do comment below, all feedback is appreciated.

Part 2

After saving her, Estelle adored him

maybe someone cares!-

Maybe I can be loved,

truly loved,

for who I am.

She wanted to see him again,

his brilliant smile,

his warm eyes, chocolate brown

rich, so rich

melting her fear,

giving her hope.

But he said it first!

“May we meet again?-”

She was so happy, elated…

…it made him wonder

for a slight moment

was she often…alone?

Is this her first time?-


Of course she had other suitors.

So they met

and she got to share her life with someone

who cared for her,


18 year old girl of Aloria.

She listened to me!

Even as I described simple knight duties,

she took it all in like a hungry child…

She grew to love him

not as a friend,

but as a man.

Now she wondered what it was like

to touch his bronzed face

and outline his jagged eyebrows.

His hands that gripped swords

that were at first loathsome-

she wanted to hold them

and stroke the callouses

one by one.

He didn’t know when it happened

but one day,

rather than thinking how lucky he was to befriend the Princess,

he thought of the potential

of her loving him back,

of being with her forever.

But did he love her before?-

No. No,

that was infatuation over the image of her.

No, now when he thought of her,

it wasn’t the image of a princess in billowing skirts surrounded by servants.

Rather, he saw

the face she made when she first smelled manure.

He saw the collection of rocks hidden under her bed.

He heard her bizarre laughter,

ripping through her body,

yet barely making any noise.

Estelle, to his delight,

was more than he expected:

she was just like him.


We’re almost to the end of their story, friends! Here’s Part 3, the grand finale! See you there 🙂


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