Estelle and Garion, A Love Story Inspired by Mozart: Part 3

Here it is! The grand finale, the last hoorah for the tale of Estelle and Garion. Hint hint, this is where the fight/conflict comes into play (remember, I said I wanted some drama in their story when I was inspired). Again, Estelle on the left and Garion on the right~ Enjoy 🙂

Part 3

She wanted to surprise him one day

with a new sword made

especially for him

with his name engraved on the side

and a sapphire stone-

sapphire for his birth year.

She wore a plain brown dress

and tied her hair back

and smudged her face

then ran outside, eager-

eager to see his smile again.

But when she found him

he was talking to another



who was clinging onto his arm

and was so



to the broad shoulder she wanted to lay her head on.

“Garion, why are you being so mean?” she wailed

as she hugged herself closer to my arm.

“She doesn’t love you, you fool,

she can’t!

You’re just another one of her trailing

lovestruck puppies, you idiot!

You think you can be with her?

As if! Wake up

you stupid boy and be with me instead!”

“…just another one of her trailing lovestruck puppies…”


“…just another one…”


She was crouching in the dust

with her hands clamped over her ears

and her eyes squeezed shut

as if to escape the world.



How could you let your stupid

idiotic desires

get you this far?

It’s all your fault-

you brought this on yourself.

A tear rolled out,

slowly traced her cheek,

splashed to the ground

and echoed,

echoed to my ears.

Then, two more,


Someone embraced me

and I instinctively sobbed into their shoulder,

my tears blurring,

smearing into each other.

I couldn’t breathe,

I didn’t want to-

but they gently pulled me away

and I breathed in slowly…

…the scent of horses, sweat, and oranges.

That was his scent-

She jerked back,

as if stung by a bee.

Her eyes latched onto mine

then ripped away-

she covered her eyes with her dusty hands

as she stumbled backwards,

clumsily like when she tried

to back away from the sleeping horses.

He grinned slightly-

was it a mean smile?

Was it a lie all along,

some twisted form of my imagination?-

“I’m sorry!” she blurted,

as tears streamed down again.

“I’m sorry I took advantage of you as a friend

and burdened you with my personal life

and for thinking that you…

that you…”

her voice dropped to barely a whisper,

“could love me.”

I protested-

but I held my hand up.

“I’m sorry that I abused our friendship,

abused you,

you someone so innocent and kind

who only loved me as some famous royal figure.

You…you deserve better.”

My voice cracked and my heart ached

imagining another girl

getting to see his lovely, beautiful smile.

As I turned to leave,

I tripped on the sword.

“This…this is my gift for you,”

she said quietly as she limply gave something to me.

I already knew it was a sword,

but when I saw the sapphire stone,

I couldn’t help but gasp. “This!-“

“Yes, your birthstone.

I would have loved to spend your birthday with you, Garion,

but I’ll stop now…”

her voice wavered, but she repeated softly,

“I’ll stop now.”


His beautiful calloused fingers

were surprisingly soft

and stroked my face gently,

so gently,

then turned my chin to face him.

His eyes still had the power to melt me

but now they seemed aflame, determined.

“Estelle, my beautiful, weird, lovely sparrow,

I love you.

I love you.”

“Stop it,” she said shaking,

“you don’t love me, you love-“

His fingers shut my lips.

“I love your weird laugh,

your tendency to hiccup when you get excited,

your rock collection,

and your double jointed fingers.

Granted, I used to be just a lovesick puppy,

but now…

now, I am someone who is shamelessly,

passionately in love with you.

So,” he said gently as he bent in to my face,

“let me love you.”

She collapsed.

(Was it too much?)

I lifted her cautiously,

but before she was fully on her feet,

she sprung up and grabbed onto me,

holding on as if she’d never let go.

“You…you?…”she whispered giddily into my ear

“…love me?” I laughed

and set her down. I crossed my arms

and said sternly, “Of course.”

“Of course.”

That was all I needed.

Garion loved me,

someone loved me!


18 year old girl!


I threw my arms around him again

and I held her tight,

the way I always wanted to.

I never let go of him from that day

and we lived happily ever after.

~the end~



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