Estelle and Garion, A Love Story Inspired by Mozart: Prelude

My professor always told me to play music intentionally, with a story in mind or a message to convey. I took this advice literally and one day as I was looking over the music for the first movement of Mozart’s Violin Concerto in D, I wrote down the story the music presented. The story went something like this:

  1. There’s a Princess (Estelle) and two guys: Garion and Ethron.
  2. Garion and Ethron participate in a jousting tournament: Garion wins, Ethron places second.
  3. The two men try to win the princess’ heart while everyone celebrates. In the midst of it, a fairy comes spontaneously “called to the scene due to love in the air” and out of excitement, grants that Estelle will marry the man of her dreams.
  4. That night, when Estelle takes her usual tea, she is poisoned instead with a potion that makes her dream of Ethron. She stumbles into the King’s quarters the next morning demanding to see Ethron, saying she loved him (since she dreamt of him: man of her dreams).
  5. The King knows something is wrong and realizes that it was Ethron who did it, out of revenge.
  6. Ethron comes to visit and Estelle is all over him. Then Garion comes and he’s confused at the Princess’ sudden attachment to Ethron.
  7. Garion kisses the Princess’ hand and realizes that her pulse is erratic, a sign of being poisoned.
  8. He draws his sword immediately and duels Ethron. He wins (yay!).
  9. Estelle is given an antidote and Ethron is sent to talk to the King.
  10. The King speaks to Ethron. (during the cadenza). It’s revealed that the King is Ethron’s godfather, but the King abandoned Ethron in the poorest neighbourhood when his parents were killed. Ethron had to be sent to the poorest part of the Kingdom because he was the last of the lineage of famous magicians; if he was left in the open, he’d be killed when his parents died. Ethron is shocked and the King apologizes for not explaining, then takes him back under his wing. Everyone is now happy.

Good, I told myself, now onto the second movement!

But there was a slight problem: the second movement (as per usual) was slower, and clearly a romance. And I am not good at romance. I mean, I’ve never dated anyone before and I’ve never been in love. So how was this going to happen? I mulled over the piece several times, but it seemed too sappy, too typical and I wasn’t willing to right something like that. How was I going to continue this?

My professor gave me an answer. He suggested me to write my own cadenza to the piece. I immediately knew what I wanted to do; I wanted the couple (Estelle and Garion) to get into a fight, or a conflict of sorts. So instead of working with the lovey-dovey parts, I went straight to the cadenza. I started by composing a bit, then started to write. I finished writing Estelle and Garion’s story at 1 AM. I simply couldn’t stop, even as I became more tired; their story demanded to be told.

And so, now here is the ‘prelude’ to their story, their background stories complete with cartoon drawings~



Garion always admired the Princess from afar.

They attended the same school

and when they branched off, Garion went to become a knight

and anticipated being knighted and attending events where the Princess would be.

He wanted to impress her one day.

His chance came when he was 19, a jousting tournament.

He trained. He trained so much

everyone thought it was for the money

but it was just to catch the Princess’ attention,

to see her look him in the eye

and smile

and direct words meant only for him.

Of course, he caught the eyes of many other girls

as he grew stronger for the competition

and as he greatly improved his speech and vocabulary just to please her.

He was infatuated, so deeply infatuated

that it didn’t matter if she married someone else.

He just wanted her attention

for that split moment when she’d say ‘congratulations’.

~ ~ ~



Estelle had her own problems,

primarily, being the daughter of a King.

She was pretty, of course;

lovely golden hair, crystal blue eyes

a slim figure, defined eyebrows, lovely lips

but she despised her beauty.

Because of it

a string of admirers would always follow her

declaring her perfect,

asking for her hand in marriage



knowing her.

Father said it was good-

easier to find a husband, to find an heir.

But Estelle was paranoid of every boy she met

“They already have a preconceived notion of me

they don’t know me

they don’t want to know me-

-all they want is demure, beautiful Estelle

not loud, weird Estelle.

They’ll despise me

…they don’t have to know…

Father needs an heir,

so he’ll get one-

even if I don’t get who I want.”


Continue here to Part 1~ I split up the story to four different parts so that it wouldn’t be too overwhelming and people who aren’t as interested can stop whenever they like. See you again at Part 1! 🙂


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