From A Different Age

The holidays have passed. The majority of us have spent time with family, seeing grandparents and aunts or uncles. Perhaps some of us have good memories with our extended family, and some of us maybe not.

But have we ever stopped to imagine our older family members when they were our age?- Yes, it’s a weird thought. But let’s try to explore this mind experiment for a while.

Imagine your grandmother when she was your age. For me, that’d be the age of 18. For my grandmother, that meant that she was already married and maybe with children, as was custom in Korea at that time. She already had the stress of raising a family. And then later in her life when she decides to come to America. How hard was that, to come to a foreign land barely knowing any of the language?

But we don’t see any of this when we see our grandmas, do we? We just see an old woman offering more food as she shuffles around.

In reality, though, the same eighteen year old spirit is still there. The heart that drove her to get a PhD in her fifties is still there. For me, just imagining the whole life story behind my grandmother or even my mom is overwhelming. I mean, just imagine if we all had like x-ray vision to see the past of the people we met. The heartbreaks, the triumphs, the struggles, the joys of their life.

Too many times we tend to brush off our parents or grandparents. Ah, we say, they don’t know what we’re going through. They don’t understand us. But they do; if anything, they’ve been through something worse. And maybe that’s why we don’t understand when they flip out over something simple or get teary eyed at something we consider insignificant.

People have too much depth for us to see them as a snapshot of what they are now. In fact, we’re all more like a constant movie or a novel that’s still being written, and we’re the stars of the show.


Hello from twenty fifteen! Sorry I haven’t written in a while; my family was busy as we drove from Montreal to Chicago to Peoria and back. Hopefully with the last two weeks of break, I’ll be blogging more. I’m getting my wisdom teeth taken out this Thursday (EEEP) so that might knock me out for a while…or perhaps I’ll be writing more, who knows.

So here comes another year for blogging! Hope you’ll tag along~


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