Is this the Adult Life?-

As I scroll through the lists of apartments available in Iowa City, growing more and more overwhelmed by each new page, all of a sudden it hits me: is this how it is to be an adult? To have to find a house, figure out rent, pay taxes, get a job and all that jazz?

WHOA NOW. Since when did I classify into this category?-

Okay, yes, technically I am an adult since I’m 18 but still wow. This is a lot of responsibility for someone who’s still relatively new to the university scene and I already have to look for an apartment and figure out the stuff that my parents do?- Even as I’m typing this, I can see my parents shake their head with that experienced look in their eyes like “It was going to happen eventually! I told you so!-”

But still, please, I’m quite miserable with all this money and stuff. I don’t even know what an amenity is. Anemone? Sea-anemone? Nemo? Therefore, like Nemo, I’m looking for my own home?

*feels satisfied*

Nemo or not I have to get all this stuff sorted out before February (yay). Wish me luck!

(just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming, what do we do, we swim swim swim~)


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