Wisdom teeth food struggle

Hello readers~ Tis the day after my (four) wisdom teeth extraction and already I am struggling with my limited food choices, considering that I can’t eat the following:

1. Spicy food

2. Rice

And of course, under spicy food falls, like, the majority of Korean food: kimchi, the majority of 반찬, instant ramen. And, geez, what am I supposed to do without rice?! It’s like the Asian staple of cuisine! To compromise, my mom made 죽, which is watery rice pudding which is okay but sad when I smell the delicious Korean food the room over…

I’ve looked up all the suggestions for food to eat while wisdom teeth heal, and sorry but none of them seem that yummy…it’s all like pudding and ice-cream and chicken noodle soup and stuff but I want my spices, I want my kimchi, and I WANT MY RICE. It’s like, can we make a wisdom teeth survival thing for people like me?

To somewhat make myself feel better, I made instant ramen with a quarter of the noodles and half of the packet of spice with tofu and fresh spring onions for seasoning. But still…sadness. I feel like a child again, eating things that I don’t have to chew as much…

I just can’t wait to have my regular meals of kimchi, rice, and 고기 (meat) soon…


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