Learn About Yourself~~

“Oh look, how cute, another personality test!” I thought when I saw the link my friend sent me. As per usual, it had the rate your response questions from strongly agree to strongly disagree and whatnot and then the conclusion. ENFP, just like the last time I did the Disney version (I was Mufasa by the way…THE CIRCLE OF LIFFEEEEE~).

But then it didn’t end there. 

It had just started. It continued to chip towards what made me tick, it explained thoughts I held deep in myself, and clearly listed my strengths and weaknesses AS IF THEY KNEW ME SUPER WELL. Which, I suppose, in a way they did. They knew my type of personality really well~

As I was reading through the several parts of my results, I wrote down notes on how to improve myself and what to be aware of. This quiz is amazing and I actually recommended it to my immediate family because I think knowing these certain characteristics about ourselves will help not only us, but each other as we understand where we come from. I mean, the quiz explained perfectly things I couldn’t accurately put into words that ended up with my crying in frustration.

I truly believe that this will help people understand each other better and warn them of mistakes that are common to happen. Not to say that this is all that we are because people can’t be shoved into simple texts or boxes but I mean these are indicators of our personality that have been observed through many people through the ages. It’s pretty legit, it other words.

Here’s the link! GO CLICK IT NOW IT’S SUPER HELPFUL and I do seriously recommend that you keep a pen and paper on hand cause you might want to take some notes 🙂


And that is the end of my shameless advertising~ Don’t worry, this won’t become a common thing, I only advertise/promote things that really and truly blow my mind (aha~).


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