fried + update


Like an egg

left out in the sun


scorched by its merciless rays.

For although the sun is needed,

sometimes it hurts too.

~ ~ ~

So I haven’t posted in a while and I come back with a slightly depressing poem like this. Ah well, it wasn’t really planned but I guess this is how it’ll be then~

Where have I been, then? What have I been doing? Nothing too much, honestly. Classes started again this past Tuesday, not on Monday since in America we have Martin Luther Jr. Day. Which is always great starting school later but at the same time throws the entire week off whack.

In comparison to last semester, my professors are overall better. I don’t have an unorganized math professor (thank goodness) and I like my physics, programming, and Korean history teacher. Oh, and my physics teacher has a pony tail and a glass eye. I have never seen a glass eye before and didn’t notice at first since I sat in the back during the first lecture. Once I heard about it, I sat closer and lo and behold THE GLASS EYE! I thought that was only in stories, like Mad-Eye Moody’s eye! (…) The only downside of this semester (so far) is that my chemistry teacher isn’t as enthusiastic as Professor Cheatum was, but then again he was really special.

I already got homework, but in college it’s pretty much expected, especially when you’re in engineering. Why then the stress?

Because I’m an adult…kinda. Geez, that was just weird writing that down. Me, an adult? Driving a car? Figuring out rent for an apartment? Doing groceries? Getting a job? Eh, no thanks. And yet, it has to happen. In the poem, all these ‘adult’ responsibilities are the sun. I mean, it’s great being an adult (so I’ve heard) but at the same time it’s like welcome to a whole new level of stress.

So yeah, there I was wallowing in my stress and feeling like I was sinking although it’s only the first week of the semester but then I remembered a verse that my church group is memorizing:

“If we claim to have fellowship with him but walk in the darkness then we lie and do not live by the truth.” (1 John 1:6)

Walking in the darkness…I definitely knew how that felt. It’s so easy in our self pity and wallowing to drift away from the truth that we do have a purpose and that we’ve gotten to this point. I’m here because I can do things. I’m here to grow and become better.

And now, after realizing this I feel a lot better from when I wrote the poem only a little while ago. I can do this. I can do this.


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