New Hobby! Draaaawing~

I always doodled: in class, when I got bored, when I had an image in my mind. But nowadays I’m being a bit more intentional with my drawings. Rather than doing doodles, I’m doing more sketches and trying to make things look more realistic. Because now I see drawing as more than some cute boredom killer; now it’s like taking a snapshot of something, almost as if taking a picture but not as accurate (well, at least for me because I’m not the greatest artist XD).

I started drawing more realistically actually because of my fascination with different eyes, especially the 쌍가풀, the double eye-lid common among Westerners and often done among Koreans via surgery. Every time now when I see someone I pay special attention to their eyes: how would I draw them, how would the crease look, how would they do makeup? Recently, I’m also paying attention to noses, another aspect that Koreans often adjust via surgery.

Hm, I suppose in a way drawing for me is a way to 1. see how all the 성형 수슬 (cosmetic surgery) works and affects people’s faces and 2. a way to experiment with makeup (since I don’t wear makeup myself and actually don’t know how to apply it…).

In fact, now I often ‘itch’, in a way, to draw certain things. Several times through the day I’ll wish I had my sketchbook to try to draw a certain hairstyle or pair of eyes. I mean, in a way I believe that drawing is powerful. It’s like our attempt to recreate something with our twist on it.

Maybe one day I’ll post a drawing/doodle~


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