Annoyance: New Professors

Last semester I had a really excellent chemistry professor. In fact, he made me interested and intrigued by chemistry when before I was too busy stressing over it to appreciate it. And my newfound appreciation wasn’t due to spectacular grades or whatnot (because I didn’t get a mark I was fully satisfied with); it was because of my professor’s infectious passion and energy for learning chemistry. He made learning about molecular geometry seem as if it was the most exciting discovery. And he was the type to walk around the entire lecture hall and start every 8:30 morning class with a loud “GOOOOOOOOOD MORNING! It’s a beautiful day to do chemistry, isn’t it?” *regardless the fact that it was pouring outside or a blizzard*

This semester, however, I’m not as lucky. But in a way, I suppose, Professor Cheatum was really extraordinary. Now I have the expected professor, someone just to teach and not run around the lecture hall pointing at random students to answer questions. It’s hard to adjust after being so spoiled with a professor like I had last semester. I find myself getting bored in lecture and spending all my time wishing that Professor Cheatum was teaching the course instead.

But this mind set won’t really get me anywhere, now will it? Even if I end up getting an awful teacher, I still have to be there to learn. My professor doesn’t dictate my performance (though, I must say, they do affect my interest and attitude towards the course). My dad always told me that through my college career I would end up with bad professors. It was inevitable. But it didn’t mean that I would automatically get bad marks.

In a way, college is different because now we’re fully responsible for our marks and attitudes. Well, I guess that this was also true in high school, but even more so now. I have no one to blame if I fall behind in a course or if I get a bad mark. And though I can spend the rest of the semester wishing for Professor Cheatum, what good will that do? I have to suck it up and run with what I’ve been given. I mean, jeepers, just the fact that I’ve been blessed with a college education is good. So many others don’t get the opportunity that I do so I need to be thankful with what I have, even if it isn’t what I exactly wanted…


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