Stress: Looking for a Job

(oh my gosh I suddenly feel really old/adult-like as soon as I typed in the title).

But seriously though. Looking for a job, what is that? What is a job? WHAT IS LIFE? *starts frantically waving arms around*

I mean, I’ve never had a job before! Well, more specifically it was illegal for me to get one while I lived in Montreal. But still I have no experience working and well duh everyone starts at the same place but I just feel overwhelmed. I mean, just talking to the people over the phone is kind of scaring me like um hi uhhhh so I don’t know for sure what’s going on but can you take me please?


And it’s like this time I need a job if I want to have spending money for the random times I eat out or go for a bubble tea run with my friends. And my supply is already dwindling. And the homework and practice keeps on piling on. And the responsibilities keep on piling on.

And I still have to deal with this weird phenomenon of looking for a job?


(Sorry for the random panic post, just needed to get it out of my system…)


2 thoughts on “Stress: Looking for a Job”

  1. Relax and try to find jobs at school maybe (they should pay well and not be too heavy of a workload) If there’s no positions I advise you to just make a CV and go personally places near you where you wouldnt mind working, ask for the manager and ask him if hes hiring. No more complicated than that πŸ™‚ GOOd luck Ashley ^^


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