Classical Revival?

I was just working on my homework but I immediately stopped when I heard the strands of wait…was that a cello? I turned around to see the guy engineers all gathered around a laptop watching a YouTube video of, yup, a cellist.

I was…shocked? Surprised? I definitely didn’t see it coming, let me say that. I thought that kids nowadays (oh geez, that made me sound like some ahjumma or something) didn’t have interest in classical music. But then again, does this even classify as classical music? The music the musicians were playing were covers of songs on the radio or theme songs from famous tv shows. From my perspective, I thought the music was simple enough. I’m pretty sure I could have played the stuff by ear and by tweaking it a bit I could have pulled something like that together.

(They’re even humming the song now! WHAT.)

It’s cool but kind of…intrusive I find? It’s weird to exactly pinpoint what I feel about it. On one hand I think that it’s definitely cool that people are regaining interest in classical instruments and classical sounds but at the same time it’s like but guys this is only the beginning of what these marvellous instruments can do! Listen to Shostakovich for a try if you want some epic music! Or maybe like the Grieg piano concerto.

(He just asked what song someone wants to hear on the cello. I’m like proud but still like whoa about it.)

Either way, it shows how awesome and versatile the instruments are. From their humble beginnings to being the stars of concertos to accompanying famous movies to even now being listened to by a bunch of engineering freshman. I feel honoured in a way to play the violin. It’s being rerecognized for how awesome it is and about time! *VIOLIN POWER* /or, rather *STRING POWER!*


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