The Comeback! *sort of

Hello everyone! Wow, it’s seriously been a while since I’ve posted something, eh? I’m sorry about that…and it’s really bad because I always told myself sternly when I had free time I had to post something because I’ve been keeping a list of things I wanted to write about. But then I got lazy because pulling out my laptop and typing took too much effort. Or rather, more like I hadn’t done it in a while so it was just like wait what is that again?-

Anyhow. Within the span of the last post and now in some ways lots of stuff has happened and stuff hasn’t. Let’s see, the last post I did was the Rivers poem, right? In that way, then let’s just say that the Rivers mindset has expanded into a flood. As of now, and I’m pretty sure this is legit and will happen, I do not think that I will remain in engineering. Not because I don’t like it or it’s too hard, it’s just that in a way I don’t like it as much as I should to be in it as a major. Sure, I can appreciate it and there are moments when I fangirl over something cool in my engineering classes but that’s the thing-that’s fangirling, momentary flashes of OH EM GEE THAT’S SO COOL. It’s not something that will sustain me. And I don’t want to just stay in BME to ‘keep doors open’ or just get enough money. I’d much rather do something I love and live with less rather than the other way around. (man, I sounded like such a hippie there LOL).

*sorry if that sounded like a mini rant/ramble because this has been weighing down on me for a long time and still is…*

Besides that well um…nothing too much. That’s been the biggest thing nowadays. And obviously the other things like studying, balancing sleep time (which by the way I slept until 11 the past Saturday which was THE BEST THING EVER), doing Zumba, and pushing through. C’est la vie, n’est pas?

For fun, I’ve been listening to more music. Nowadays I’m listening to more ballad/slow songs. They’re actually so beautiful, I don’t know why I didn’t appreciate them before. And for the first time, I’m listening to entire albums. I used to avoid doing that because I was too picky with my songs, but listening to albums gives a good feeling of what an artist tries to achieve with a storyline or concept. Like I just listened through Amber’s Beautiful album and now I’m listening to Eddy Kim’s Sing Sing Sing album. So refreshing~

Oh! And I’m a bit more proactive in improving my Korean. I’m going to Korean Conversation Group on Fridays to practice Korean and also I’m taking a Korean Civilization class which is really opening my eyes to understand the Korean people and the country in general. It’s really fascinating and because of it I now want to also take a Japan Civilization and China Civilization class.

And now, I’m just rambling about random facets of my life. I’ll stop before I start reciting what I had for breakfast or something (Which, by the way, I still remember. Okay, STOP ASHLEY).

I will try to be more disciplined in writing posts. Don’t worry, they won’t all be updates like this. I’ll be back writing about specific topics (just look at the tabs on my home page to know what I mean). Thanks for reading through this random post about my life and I’ll be back soon! *hopefully~ 🙂


1 thought on “The Comeback! *sort of”

  1. Cheers to your steps to reconnecting with learning Korean. I’m in the same boat and am taking steps to fit the pieces together. Check out Talk To Me in Korean website (and itunes podcast). Wealth of information and I highly recommend checking out “iyagi” section where there are conversations and pdf files. ^^

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