So. I got distracted after I got back from Zumba and found myself on scrolling through allkpop like a noob, resting back into my mindless zombie phase. But then I stumbled across this beauty:

And now I’m completely reinvigorated. It’s everything I ever wanted, everything I wanted to do (okay, not the rapping bit as much cause let’s be honest I don’t think I could really convince people that I’ve got that type of swagger), and just..perfection. In other words, it’s perfection and completely and absolutely inspiring.

*Let me control my thoughts a bit to try to unravel my emotions right now…*

Already, rap in itself is a powerful medium. It’s very explicit in it’s message and can really be felt by people, by the beat, by the rhythm, by the swagger of the rapper. At first I didn’t really understand how much it took to be a rapper but geez props to all the rappers out there because if you’re a really good one, you’re able to pull words from thin air that rhyme, have rhythm, and are witty while you’re at it.

So take the awesomeness that is rap and then combine it to fourteen, hear me out FOURTEEN, different languages. That is just…brilliant. Genius. Beautiful. Because that’s what makes rap and music in general so mystifying, isn’t it? The fact that it transcends all languages and cultures and can be applied anywhere in any situation. I mean, already each rapper has a different story to tell depending on their country’s background. Some talk about more light hearted things while others talk about the real events in their country now. And to make it even more personal, the raps are in the mother tongue so the full emotions are on display with each intonation and syllable spoken…er, rapped.

And this my friends is why I love music. It’s so versatile and so universal. I’m extremely happy that a rapper realized this and made such a genius idea like this music video to highlight it to everyone. So yeah, perhaps music isn’t like engineering or like medicine but it has something deep inside, something ordained at its creation to be able to connect people around the world and move powerfully.


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