*tries to control emotions…ha ha nvm*



Just to put things into perspective, The Incredibles were released a whooping eleven years ago. And now, bless Brad Bird and Pixar who apparently have been hiding this under their sleeves, it has been announced that there will indeed be an Incredibles Two. That means more sass from Frozone, more family action from the Parrs, more of Jack-Jack’s mercurial super power tendencies, and *hopefully* more of the elegantly condescending Edna Mode.

*let’s be honest here, y’alls read her name in a monotone voice like when she said it to enter her secret styling lair*

I still remember when this movie came out. Back then my family lived in Jakarta and I remember going to this mall and seeing huge posters of the Parr family members and wishing that I could be Violet cause SHE CAN MAKE PURPLE FORCE FIELDS AND TURN INVISIBLE. Oh, and if you guise didn’t catch on yet (thought everyone most likely did and I’m just slow, but still) her name is Violet because her force fields are purple. Get it? Violet, purple? They’re geniuses at Pixar, I tell yah.

I think the biggest success of The Incredibles was that it resonated so well for everyone. It was family friendly but still packed a punch of action and related for the moms, dads, teens, and grade schoolers. I mean, geez, my family still quotes that little kid on the tricycles saying, “I don’t know, something amazing, I guess.” Or his other line of “That was TOTALLY WICKED!” after the Parr house explodes.

The timing for this movie is honestly perfect. I think it’s genius that Pixar is bringing back all these movies from the 90’s kids childhood. They already did Monster’s University and Toy Story 3 and Finding Dory and has already been revealed to be in process and now The Incredibles? Wow!

And in a way, looking at the time gap also makes us 90’s kids think about how much we’ve grown and changed. I mean, I still can’t believe that The Incredibles was released eleven years ago. I mean, these movies are older than some of my cousins! I mean, I knew that it’s been a while, but still like whoa. I feel old…okay, not like old but old in comparison to how I was when I lived in Jakarta. I grew a lot from my second grade self and in fact, here I am in college. …I’m in college? WHOA. HOLD UP. I still remember admiring the middle schoolers when I was in grade school. They were so cool and so tall and so smart and I remember saying to myself “One day, I’ll be just like them!”

Ahaha, this makes me think of that one #dearme hashtag going around. I’d say a fair share of advice to my high school self (since, well, high school is still decently fresh in my mind) and then I’d finish by saying “OH AND DON’T WORRY BECAUSE REMEMBER HOW DAD SAID THAT THERE SHOULD BE AN INCREDIBLES TWO? CAUSE IN 2015 PIXAR TELLS US THAT IT’S GONNA HAPPEN LIKE LEGIT AND IT’S NOT A JOKE AND OMGGGGGGG.”

*yes, I’d say it exactly like that, no joke :P*

The release date for the movie hasn’t been set yet, but when it comes out, you can definitely expect to see a flood of college age people filling the theatres for the movie premiere. Please, kids born in the 2000’s weren’t old enough to truly appreciate the genius that is The Incredibles. And in a way, this movie will bring us older kids back to when the movie was first released, to relive our childhood if only for the duration of the movie.

In other less fancy words…I’M SUPER PUMPED. 😀


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