//Written before the Pacifica Quartet concert started, in the style of Seated Next To Me . Hm, maybe this will become a thing…

Next to me,


white hair with streaks of gray,

with glasses

and memories etched as grooves on her face

she sat.


She read a book,

“Heirs to a Forgotten Kingdom”

and she he’d it from the top,

as if she was cradling it like a child

in the nook of her elbow.


Unlike the typical description,

her glasses were not perched at the end of her nose;

rather they sat cosy near her eyes

as the reflected the sea of text she was immersed in.


She was in all black

and did not cross her legs;

instead, she sat comfortably

with legs planted in front of her

as she read on.

Ah, no, wait

she had a splash of color if you looked closer,

a yellow turtleneck,

yellow like buttersquash.


A voice,

“Hello, everyone!”

called her from her book

as she turned to face forward.

But as soon as the mini speech was over

and the quartet started to play,

she sank again into a world of texts,

this time the concert program,

but now accompanied by music.


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