EXO “Call Me Baby” MV Reaction and Review

EXO IS BACCCKKKKK! With a trippy sign and an epic title song and they are here to take all our money.


Now at first glance this looks like a cube, doesn’t it? But it actually spells E-X-O. My question is who’s the genius who discovered it? Or maybe it was more like they were running out of ideas and one day looked at a cube funny and bam, the most clever logo was created.

Regardless, the EXO logo, fresh for this comeback is genius. It’s simple and classy but also very inventive. And perhaps this is to reflect how EXO is now. They’ve went through a lot, from Kris leaving abruptly, Baekhyun dating Taeyeon, and Luhan leaving. At the end of the crazy roller coaster, they had two less members and there were only two Chinese members left. Would there still be two EXOs or would they merge together? Could they rise from all the bad news that swamped them?

Of course. This is EXO, presently the star child of SM. After all the work put into the group, SM couldn’t afford losing EXO to circumstances. And so, they built up the ante for this comeback with extremely slick teasers shot in ten different cities in several different countries.  They also got the fans involved, as the first letter of each city was a letter to the main promoting song.

And then they released the audio for “Call Me Baby” which completely demolished the music charts without any promotion. Then a fan song was released for 10 hours. Then last night, the album was dropped. And just two hours ago, the MV for “Call Me Baby” was dropped.

I already love the song “Call Me Baby” so now the MV is just to see the members (I guess?) and the dance. Already the song has made a great impression on me. The producers did an excellent job and I think this is what EXO needed: a fun song to swing back into the scene showing that they’re fine and that they’re back to completely wreck the music charts. Let’s put it this way: this was the group that won several awards for best album and best song. I’m positive that this will happen with “Call Me Baby” as well. In fact, if it doesn’t I’ll be shocked.

Okay, enough of my rambling, to the MV!


//korean version


Black and white the picture is


Roll up in my car like SWAG

Ew lollipop

Ew your hair


You’re not cool kai

Level headphones subliminal message


He has a nice voice

Love how they popped out from nowehere

Gray hair?-

At least they’re not in boxes

Those pants kai

Slick dance

So many of them tho

That falsetto D.O!

Whoa chen calm down

Tao has a nice voice

Kai’s pants need to stop

Slow downnnnnn

Nice overlap of voices




Those body rolls

Black and white?

I feel like it should have become more colorful instead tho


And the trippy logo k cool





//chinese version

tao roll up in the red car

see, this kid pulls of swag so much better no offense kai

why you frowning tho

eh just gonna chill with my headphones

pretty much the same except start with tao?

Oh with different vocals at diff parts

So then did they pretty much combine

Yea cause it’s not exo-m


Whoa suho calm down with your hip thrusts

Tho its only 10 im still overwhelmed so many members…

Nice sharp moves, as per usual

Gah now idk if I want it in Korean or chinese

The four main vocalists


Hm chinese rap sounds nice

Wait xiumin raps?


It’s hard to separate my love of the song from the music video. If you didn’t get it from my reaction, I was more excited by the song than the music video itself. I mean, the music video is a pretty standard video of the members going around in cool looking cars and dancing in random places cause why not. I thought it was interesting that the video had two white stripes on the top and bottom, though. It reminded me of photo editing on Instagram. It made it seem a bit more chic/classy.

I have only two problems with the music video, and both have to do with Kai. Not that any of it is Kai’s fault but still…

1) HIS HAIR. It seriously looks like he just stepped out of the shower. My roommate has a hypothesis that he was late for the music video because he took a shower and there was another plan but he came late and they had to keep it that way. I mean, that’s what it looks like. First Taeyang with his drenched hair (which was constantly being sprayed by a stylist) and now Kai?

In all seriousness though, it was most likely intentional but WHY. Note to stylists: that style is NOT attractive at all. Why did you do this. WHY. It just seems sloppy!

2) HIS WEIRD WHITE AND BLACK PATTERNED PANTS. …again, just why? It was so distinctively different than all the other pants and looked a bit feminine in my opinion. And just…it was too distracting. It made viewers immediately focus on the ridiculousness that was the pants.

*okay, now that’s that out of my system*

Overall, the music video was well shot but not original. They reused the concept of interacting with the camera that they used in ‘Growl’. They ran around a big mansion (wait, is that theirs?) and danced in front of sports cars then danced some more in different sets. Not to say that it was a bad music video, but nothing new. Most likely, it was aiming to just get good shots of the members for the fans. Which, okay I can roll with that. I’m too busy loving the song ahaha~


Kai is not the swag master he thinks he is.

…AHAHAHA okay, no let’s be serious now Ashley.


The music video was well shot but not anything new. And the song, oh goodness, is perfection. I can’t get over how awesome it is. And just in time for spring too! Excellent excellent job by the producers and composers. This is what EXO needed and now they’re back, ready to dominate the music scene. I’m not an Exotic/EXO-L, but still I’m very impressed. Solid comeback EXO and I anticipate seeing you bag some more awards with your amazing song!


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