Night Thoughts: The Ark, Intentional Music

*gosh darn, I wanted my next post to be about something else but oh well…that’ll be for later…*

Hello all. Sorry it’s been a while but I’ve been busy (AHAHAH nothing’s changed) and yesterday was extremely bizarre because I had a hot flash in the middle of the night and also the whole what will I do with my life thing still exists and now I’m rambling oh dear…

Point being said, I treated myself after my programming exam today by catching up on the latest Korean MV releases. First, I watched Jinusean’s “Tell Me One More Time” which made me happy because old-school music always does. (wow, your sentence structure and grammar is so on par, Chong…)

Then I watched this.

…I did NOT expect to end the MV in tears. But in a way, it felt really good to just cry and let out whatever the emotions churning inside of me…whatever they are. And besides the well shot music video, the song was also excellent. I loved the acoustic sounds and the rap was clean and the message thank goodness was you know, not about MY BOYFRIEND BROKE UP WITH ME or I LOVE HIM WHY WON’T HE LOVE ME BACK or I’M SO IN LOOOOOOOVE.

So I tried to find out more about these girls. Their name “The Ark” is inspired by Joan of Arc (yeah, the famous one from France) and already I was impressed by that. It seems that this group is intentional. Now, how much of the concept is from the group and how much is from the company is up for debate, but either way it’s refreshing to see a group that wants to be different and more inspirational than say, sexy and cute.

It made me immediately think of Sonamoo, TS’ girl group whose intention was to be refreshing like a tree (that’s what their name means) and inspiring…but then debuted with ‘Deja Vu’ a song about liking some boy. And I thought that they would stick with it, but no. Granted, they did have the song ‘Just Go’ on their debut album which was inspiring but still…

The Ark on the other hand seemed to be targeted towards authentic music and a hip hop vibe and then came out with ‘The Light’, which wasn’t hip hop, but definitely authentic and honest. Even in the interview, the girls said they wanted a song that was relatable and ‘The Light’ is definitely that.

Again, I don’t know how much of the group’s construction stems from the girls themselves, but it’s so refreshing to see musicians and a company being intentional with their material because music is such a powerful medium and so many people just use it for entertainment. Which, yes, it can entertain but all the possibilities with music! You can share messages, bend people to your opinion, express emotions, confess your feelings, make people feel for others. And yet so many musicians nowadays just stick to entertaining. Which, okay, I’m cool with bubbly songs but at the same time, what are you, the singer, thinking? What do you want to say? Are you always lovey-dovey/sexy/looking for a man (or woman)/going clubbing/feeling alone?

…thought so.

Aaaand, now I’m rambling. Sorry guys. My thoughts are quite scattered for this post, but it feels really nice just to write again. I should do this more often…


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