In Color


I was originally planning to type this up, but then I decided why not show the world my handwriting? I like my penmanship as its evolved to the fusion cursive it is now. And also, there’s something more personal in seeing something handwritten. It’s almost as if emotions are more clearly portrayed in every stroke and every punctured letter.

Also, please do take a moment to notice that this was written on engineering paper. …I KNOW RIGHT? Irony is a beautiful thing, is it not? I could hear my professor from my engineering problem solving class gasping at me in horror, saying that I was wasting the precious engineering paper for something, well, non-engineering. Ah well, too bad. I’m using it simply for artistic license, ha~

//side note

Also, this is irrelevant to the poem, but I’ve reached 100 followers on my blog AND this is my 140th post! *cheers* Thank you all for reading my material, from the spontaneous MV reviews to the ramblings to the poems. I will continue to run this blog to my best ability for you guise, and well, also for my sanity because writing is therapeutic for me~

*big Internet hug to whoever is reading this* THANKS FOR BEING AWESOME, FRIEND 🙂

Here’s the poem typed out just in case if my handwriting was unclear:

They see in black and white:

if it’s needed,

do it.

Emotions are null,

thoughts are unnecessary- *ahaha whoops spelled that unnecessary wrong :P*

just execute

and move on.

But I,

I see in colors,

rich, vibrant bursts of the rainbow,

of nature.

I see the burning, fiery red

searing through any and every thing.

I see the turbulent purple

churning, yet still retaining its elegance.

I see the exuberant yellows,

the earthy greens,

the calm blues,

the tender pinks,

the burnt oranges.

And for me, it isn’t as easy

because there’s not just two colors;

there’s a cacophony of them.


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