Hello all! πŸ™‚

I would like to bring up something exciting to my readers and followers! I’ve been taking Civilizations of Asia:Korea this semester and it’s been extremely fascinating and enlightening. We’ve discussed important themes of history like colonizations, what it means to be a nation, the accuracy of history, and so on. Throughout the semester, I’ve been keeping a mental list of topics I want to dig deeper into and so with this new category, I’ll share with you all my findings and thoughts on Korean history.

Why the overly dramatic title for this category? …well, why not? I was going to maybe use something like “Korean History” or “Thoughts about Korean History” but nah. I’d rather use HISTORY OF MY ANCESTORS and imagine some large, deep voice saying it like from some epic movie (Morgan Freeman maybe? Liam Neeson? Along those lines). And also, well, because my ancestry is Korean, so there is some logic behind the weirdness.

Please anticipate the posts under this category! I don’t know how much I can post in the remaining three weeks of classes, but during the summer, I’m definitely going to spend some quality time with some lovely books about the history of Korea and the history of Asia. πŸ™‚


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