I should have seen it coming. I mean, when they announced a live action Cinderella and the Maleficent, I should have put the pieces together and seen that this was the beginning of live action-ing the Disney films.



Mulan is my hero and hands down my favorite Disney character. She didn’t wait for no man to come in and save her, no she saved ALL OF CHINA. She kicked lots of butts and honoured her family and was awesome all the while and got dirty and had her share of problems too and just…yeah. She’s super awesome.

But more than just the fact that Mulan is an inspiring, funny, and beautiful movie, this also means that THERE WILL BE A MOVIE DEDICATED TO HAVING ASIANS IN THE CAST.












Maybe you don’t understand where I’m coming from or never realized this before but there are not a lot of Asians in the media today. And if they are, the majority of them pull off of stereotypes and don’t have real depth. And the percentage of Asians in Hollywood is sad. Thank goodness for “Fresh Off the Boat” for bringing in a slice of Asian family life to television today.

Disney better not mess this up. As in, every single person in that movie BETTER BE A FREAKING ASIAN. People have already been putting up dream casts for the movie here and here. I’m liking how the dream casts look, and I also love how there is a rich mix of different nationality Asians too. My preference is that there would be at least one Korean (please?). But either way, the fact that there will be an entire movie FULL OF ASIANS is making me happy.

Erin’s right: the first Mulan was groundbreaking because it had a strong female protagonist and because, well, Asians. And this one can be even more so by having ALL THE ASIANS. I mean, please let some of us have a chance! Asians can act too and be strong and make people cry and move audiences and inspire. We’re more than all of that if you give us a chance and this movie is just a golden sparkling opportunity of a chance for all the talented Asian actors out there.

I just have so much hope for this movie. It can seriously bring people to the spotlight they rightfully deserve. But nooooo, Hollywood doesn’t think that we’re worth it. Yes yes I know that there are Asian actors in Hollywood but when was the last time you saw an Asian male main character? And please, Kim Jong-Il from The Interview DOES NOT COUNT. I mean a main character as someone with depth and, well, character. Someone we can relate to. Granted, there will be some cultural differences but everyone has those.

I really liked how Eugene Lee Yang (the Asian guy from BuzzFeed who, fun fact, is Korean *대한민국!*) put it:

“My big problem with the fact that Asians are not represented well enough in movies and in TV,” he says, “is that there’s someone still controlling the idea that we are not worth a ticket, or we’re not worth seeing because you have to pay to see [us].” (The rest of the article is here.)

I’m not asking for all of Hollywood to turn into Hallyu or something. I’m just asking, begging that Asians and other minority groups be more present in the media without the shadows of stereotypes to haunt us. Please, I beg you, let us show who we are without your preconceived notions.

This is what Mulan can do for us. Mulan can be a beautiful groundbreaking project for the entire Asian and Asian American community. Does Disney even know the weight of this project? This is more than just something for Disney to make money. Sure, redoing Beauty and the Beast or Alice in Wonderland is cute and will keep the loyal Disney fans coming. But for Mulan, you can bet that there will be more than just the Disney fanatic coming to watch: there will be Asians of all ages and more importantly, little Asian girls and boys who can watch the movie and point to the screen, proud to see that there is someone up there being awesome, someone who looks just like them.


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