My Music?-

Hi all~

I have a goal for myself over the summer, and that is to share more of my music with the world (er, rather, people who read this blog or stumble across it). I’ve written my own songs for a while now, and I have a good amount that I want to record them nicely and maybe put together an album of sorts (is it allowed to be called an album? Maybe I’ll just call it my mishmash of music or something ha). 

I wasn’t always okay with sharing my music and a part of me still isn’t, but if anything I want to do this to push myself. And to keep myself accountable. I have some raw recordings of songs but I don’t share them because the quality isn’t good enough ha. I did share them to my roommate though, who, bless her, has gotten used to my singing. I was kind of worried about that but now she’s like my number one supporter (YOU ROCK MY SOCKS GIRL). I mean, she helps me with lyrics and stops to listen to a draft of my songs. If that isn’t awesome, I don’t know what is.

It’s actually interesting because my music style has changed from when I started. Okay, okay, of course it would change as I got older, but still it went where I didn’t anticipate it going: it went to ballads. And not necessarily the thick, syrupy Korean drama style ballads, but ballads nonetheless. Before, my music was more upbeat and chirpy but now it’s more soothing (I think, you’ll have to let me know about that haha) and soft.

It’s like what I instinctively revert to. Which, is weird because I don’t really listen to ballads. I listen to Korean pop, electronic music, hip hop, rap, rock. One day I want to be able to make music in each of the genres listed but for now, it’s interesting that I’m almost naturally going to softer, ballad mode. How interesting, my music is helping revealing more of myself~

Anyway, this post is starting to get to a rambling point. I really should go to sleep now (<this is starting to become a motto of mine …). The main point of this post was to tell everyone and mostly myself that this summer, I will share my music. So please anticipate original music coming your way via a blog post accessible to you~ 🙂


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