Today is officially my third day of summer, folks! I’m back in Montreal and it feels right but slightly off. Not in a bad way but it’s like my environment remained the same but now it’s occupant (me) is different. Ah well, I should have expected this.

This is the first summer that I’m excited for. Or no, wait, perhaps a better way to say it is that I’m really excited for this summer because I have things I want to accomplish:

  • Research/learn more about Korean history, Asian history. This was started from my Korean Civilization class I took last semester. I feel like my brain has been expanded and now I’m craving to learn more and educate myself about the history of my motherland and issues around the world. It’s like it’s waiting for me to discover, for the taking.
  • Learn Mandarin! (and maybe some Japanese along the way) Because I’m going to Beijing in July to take two classes at Peking University! I will dedicate a post in my Adventures Abroad tab about this opportunity later~
  • Record my songs/compile them into an album, because wow I actually wrote a good number of songs during Freshman year, come to think of it.
  • Exercise! Well, I mean, my entire family is going to do this so that’ll be a fun project.

My end game overall is to come back to Iowa better than when I left it. This summer needs to be effective and efficient. If anything, this post is just a note to myself, something to keep myself accountable because I really need to be smart about how I use these three months until school starts again.



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