Under the Stars

//This is another post from three years ago…//

You see, it is during these dark hours that I wish to see the stars in all of their glory. I long to bask in their glittering auras and rest in their steady company.

If  only I could recreate that one lovely night in Cuba, when the stars shined brightly and our feet were dipped in the pool waters. The mystical heavenly bodies coaxed out conversations and under their watchful gaze, silence became our friend. We were all reduced to the same people admiring the stars and relishing their beauty.

The stars seemed to have their own magic, in the way that they placed everyone on the same level and created an atmosphere of pure awe and silence.

I wondered what it would be like to lay under the stars with them…


This is my 150th post guys! *cheers* And in fact, it’s almost been a year since I started blogging. Weird, huh? I’m glad my dad suggested me last summer to start blogging because it really has been a blessing. So if anyone out there is wondering if blogging is worth a try, I say with 100% confidence that yes, it does! Go for it friend! 🙂

A big thanks also to people who read my blog, whether they be followers, friends on Facebook, or people who stumble over my blog. Thanks for reading and please anticipate another year of my posts!~


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