Daily Prompt: Fill in the Blank

*It’s past 11pm so this will be more scattered than usual, given the prompt*

FILL IN THE BLANK: Three people walk into a bar…

(for this sprint piece, I am writing from a guy’s perspective)

~ ~ ~

Jillyan was on my right and Julian on my left,

and I walked with an induced limp

and a thick, heavy coat filled with notebooks and pencils.

Jillyan looked fabulous:

raven black hair curled perfectly, bouncing with every step

and a tight-fitting black dress

topped with bright red lips

and a dangerous smile.

Julian, however,

looked sorely out of place

with his lab coat still stained with a mysterious puke-colored splotch on both his wrists

and his hair all ruffled,

as if he hadn’t gotten any sleep,

though he got the most sleep out of Jillyan and I combined.

And I-

I was in a bright red suit

with my hair slicked straight back

and a cane in my right hand,

a cane I just stole ten minutes ago.

We were quite a trio:

the sexy, the bizarre, and the intellectual all together

walking into the bar known as The Dark Thirst.

I stepped in first,

smashing the doors open with my cane,

then stumbling in, with Jillyan on my right arm

and Julian carefully following behind.

Heads turned

and eyes quickly changed from disdain to lust to horror

as they quickly realized that Jillyan was already taken

(too bad she was my sister and not my actual girlfriend).

I slipped around with my cane

and Jillyan flashed her brilliant smile at onlookers

while Julian scurried forward to order us drinks.

“Give us, uh…the strongest stuff you have,” he stuttered

even though his voice was perfectly fine and had in fact discovered a way to correct stuttering.

The bartender raised an eyebrow at the scrawny kid before him

and shrugged,

right as Jillyan floated over and winked at him.

He glared back at her and she turned her attention elsewhere,

to the rotund man to her left practically drooling over her.

I quickly took out a notebook and scribbled something down

and when the bartender came with our drinks,

I intentionally spilled it over the page,

of course apologizing once I finished.

Jillyan rushed over when I spilled,

making sure to smear the liquid all over as much of her body

while she mopped up my mess.

Julian sat next to me,

unaffected as he sipped his drink.

He checked his watch

and I took out another notebook,

this time, something smaller and red,

and scribbled something else

but now smearing it with a drop of my blood.

Jillyan slipped away with the rotund man a while ago

but now came back with a crazy grin,

triumphantly holding up something tiny between her fingers:

a strand of hair.

I took it, stuck it in my mouth, then slapped it onto another page of my notebook

and got up,

stumbled back to the floor,

cuing Julian to lift me up.

“I don’t think I can last much longer I just-”



Panic filled her brilliant green eyes

and Jillyan stepped in front of me

and pumped her arms violently,

sending the police flying

and me and Julian far away,

but leaving her alone with my notebooks,

evidence pointing to a bloody murder she was now responsible for.

As we sped away,

I saw a tear slip out of Julian’s eye

and him mouth words Jillyan would never hear:

“I’m sorry…it was my fault.”

~ ~ ~

…um, what just happened?

I’m not quite sure myself. I just, you know, ran with the random images and ideas my mind threw at me. If anyone wants to piece together a story, I’m down to hear it. But in a weird way, I like what I wrote. It has it’s own mystery and life. One thing I do know about what’s going on though, is that Jillyan and Julian are dating. Besides that, like who was murdered and why and why it was Julian’s fault, I’m in the dark too.


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