Who Remembers Zack and Cody?

I was scrolling through Facebook (mindlessly. again…) and was trying to find something to write about. I told myself to post once a day some sort of writing to keep me exercising my brain and avoid being lazy. And lo and behold, the random posts of Facebook gave me something interesting to talk about.


Raise your hand (yes, you) if you ever watched The Suite Life of Zack and Cody when you were younger. (pauses) Yup, pretty much everyone reading this blog. I mean, who didn’t love the show? All of the twins’ crazy antics, Cody being a nerd and the more sensible one, Zack being the wilder child (I still remember when he pronounced bleach ‘bleckk’ XD), and the hotel staff, and London and Maddie breaking stereotypes by being the Asian airhead and blonde smart girl…

Ah, memories~

But it’s not like those stars were stuck in their age forever. They have their own life too. The twins (whose real names are Dylan and Cole Sprouse) are four years older than me and just finished university, actually:

Screenshot 2015-05-26 22.57.14

It’s, well, obviously they moved on with their lives too but it’s still a bit surreal to see them growing up. In a way, these Disney stars are a way to keep track of our lives too. I was, what, in fifth grade when the series was running? And now, here I am in my summer after my freshman year. Wow.


Sorry this was a short post. This is bad, I wanted to write every day something more meaningful but today’s was just like punching my card for the day. I will try to be more on top of my posts because frankly, I don’t have any legitimate reason to put off my writing until the night. It’s summer, for crying out loud! GET ON TOP OF YOUR STUFF ASHLEY. *coughs* But yes, I will post every day unless I have a really really busy day. Please look forward to my posts!

Thanks for reading and come back again!



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