Seventeen…wait, 17?!

I needed to de-stress. My previous post left me feeling like a raw nerve, and I had a pile of tissues next to be as evidence, ha. So, I turned to allkpop. Judge me~ And I found an interesting morsel to chew on and talk about:

You read correctly, friends. The group name is SEVENTEEN. But it’s more than it seems to be.

First off, no, there are not seventeen members. There’s thirteen. Which, still is a lot. But still, that’s how many the famous group Super Junior debuted with. And there’s also Topp Dogg with thirteen, so maybe it’s a lucky number? Personally, it’s overwhelming. None of the people in the video were backup dancers, folks. I mean, in the chorus they still had to put a little circle in the bottom right corner to let people know who was who.

Screenshot 2015-05-29 22.34.27

Honestly, visually only two people stuck out to me, the long haired dude:

Screenshot 2015-05-29 23.07.44

and the half Korean guy. Gosh aren’t mixed race children beautiful though?

Screenshot 2015-05-29 23.07.35


Vocally, some voices were nice. Vernon, the half Korean guy, has a nice deep rapping voice and there was another nice rapper who sounded a bit like Zico and some good vocalists. But how is anyone supposed to remember all of them? You’ll have to be seriously dedicated and willing to invest into this group to be able to pick out voices. And what about the people who (let’s be real here) are in the group, well, just because?

I’ve always been confounded why entertainment companies choose to debut groups with so many members. Is it so that fans can choose between more personality types? Can you even have seventeen types? Or is it to just keep people interested with that many? Can everyone even get enough camera time so the public knows them?

Well, at least they’re not like that one Japanese girl group with like 48 members.

Please, Korea, don’t do this. Don’t do this many people. We have only two eyes. I mean, AKB48 has huge success and their music isn’t that bad tbh but how. HOW.

Also, the group’s name is SEVENTEEN because the average age of the members is 17 years old.


The oldest member is a year older than me (1995) and the youngest is a year short of the new millennium (1999). (awkward laughter). The Kpop groups I grew up with had people where the maknaes (youngest members) were my age. Now the oldest members are my age? Does that mean that I’m getting older and Kpop is growing with me or that Kpop is growing too fast? I mean, can you even be a good leader and have enough experience at 19/20?

Well, I suppose. Some of these kids, er adults (?), have been training for a long time so sure. But still, there’s some things that you learn only through age and experience, outside of a practice room. I think it’s cool and kind of inspiring to see these kids doing their stuff, but I’m still concerned for them in a motherly way. Will they be okay? Will that life get all in their head? What about when they’re older and can’t dance as well?

At the same time, I can kind of see the logic for debuting boy groups this young. In Korea, all men have to serve in the army within the ages of 18-35 for about two years. Because of this, boy groups are put on pause from time to time as members head off to the army. For Super Junior, the group with lots of members, it could afford having members in the army because it was still a formidable force with a member gone. So maybe Pledis (SEVENTEEN’s company) did this so the public has more time with the group and so that when the group eventually heads to the army, they still have some members still active.

All this to say, though, this doesn’t mean that I hate the group or shame them. Their debut song actually isn’t that bad and I’m curious to see where they will go. Most likely, they’ll have subgroups to expose more members. We’ll start to see some members on shows perhaps and maybe some will grab CFs (commercial filming). I think Vernon will get some attention simply because, well, he looks different (in a good way). And also, a member wrote and produced the song while another choreographed it. So they have skill. Wonder how that will be showcased in the future.

I’ll be keeping an eye on these thirteen kiddos then~


1 thought on “Seventeen…wait, 17?!”

  1. theyre called seventeen because there are 13 members, 3 units (hip-hop, vocals, and performance), and they are 1 team.. 13+3+1=17

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