Wayne Gretzky and Dick Butkus

Two nights ago, my family had an interesting conversation about sports. It all started with my dad asking my brother about the next Blackhawks game, and then it expanded into a general conversation about sports and my (apparent?) ignorance about it. I wish I could have recorded it because there were some golden moments, but then I realized


I CAN DO A VIDEO ABOUT IT. So yeah, this happened:

Actually, though, my brother was quite upset/worked up over the fact that I didn’t know some of these athletes. Especially since I lived in Montreal. He was all like “Ash, if you lived in Montreal, you had to have heard of some Canadiens players! What, did you live under a rock?!”

Me: I didn’t hang around people who talked about that, gosh Chris, give me a break.

Him: Seriously, not even one name?

Me: Okay, maybe but now I’m in America and it’s not as big of a deal.

Him: But still! *storms away*

I don’t know, is sports supposed to be common knowledge? I mean, geez, before living in Canada I didn’t know a thing about hockey outside of the little we learned from floor hockey in gym class. Or am I the only ignorant one? Let me know, dear readers!

Also, I’m going to make another short video about a hilarious part of the conversation we had while we talked about sports. I forgot to put it in the video, but it’s so good that I’ll make another video just for that, ha. So please anticipate that!

Muchas gracias, mis amigos! ~ajc


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