fluid thoughts

if the sky was an ocean

and we were all falling angels

plummeting into the sun and sky

if the stars were aliens

red as cherry pie

would you stop to even wonder why


if the grass we sit on

turned out to be death

and if north, east, and south

were actually only west

if I lose my everything

and morph into a cow

would you find a way to still love me somehow


because what if one day the rain turns into glass

and what if one day you find a way to go back

would you erase all the time in between

so you could start clean?


because if you could wipe off memories

like one clears fogged glass

would you roll up your sleeve

and without hesitation, go back?


spiralling thoughts like ghosts wandering through my mind

and all I feel is not fear or worry or uneasiness-

all that exists is a quiet prayer,

barely audible over the ruckus of the winds

to just…



Have fun deciphering that one, folks, because I’m just about as lost as everyone else is. Sometimes my mind does that too me and rather than fight it, might as well run with it and see where I’ll go.

Toodles, and until next time,



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