clear my mind

Sometimes though,

all it takes is a dip into someone else’s world,

someone else’s story

to clear one’s mind.

I mean, I was supposed to be doing my own stuff but I was too tired and feeling weary. So rather than beating a dead horse, I decided to explore the comic books section in my local library. Even though the logical part of me knew that in a sense I was wasting my mind, too bad. I needed to pull away and press pause for a while. 

I found an interesting historical fiction book based during the Boxer Rebellion in China:


It’s two books showing both sides of the Rebellion. I read the ‘Saints’ part today and wow. I had no previous knowledge about the Boxer Rebellion so it was fascinating to read about it in comic format. The author did a good job with his simple art style and by the end of the book, I’m interested in the Boxer Rebellion and what to know more. So in that sense, his job was well done.

And seeing the images

in shades of black, white, and gray,

I escaped the library and my cold, hard seat

to a China past, to a story of blood and betrayal.

It was as if…

as if I pushed pause in my own life

and transported myself to be with Four-Girl.

I think I needed that, just a moment to pull out of the grind to invest in another story. I feel much more awake now.




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