Mural Festival Electricity

IMG_6496 IMG_6524 IMG_6515

It’s electric

walking around the festival.

But a different electric

than the campus electric-

this energy was a bit more mature

without compromising its signature artistic, spontaneous

wild soul.

You saw people covered in tattoos,

eclectic clothing,

neon hair

all in the setting of souls

splashed across walls

or any possible surface, actually,

in bold colours and bewitching designs

as the bass thumped

reverberating in the soles of your feet

and smells cocooned you on all sides,

scents hailing from all corners of the world.

The street was messy,

imperfect, chaotic:

in other words,


just like its inhabitants trampling its skin

searching for a bargain,

some cheap lunch,

or inspiration.


I went to my first Montreal festival yesterday. It was everything I wanted it to be: loud, filled with lots of people, food stands, clothing racks, and humanity. In a way, just walking around the festival made me dream again and believe that anything was possible.

The festival I visited was the Montreal Art Mural Festival (check the website here!). It took up a large chunk of St. Laurent street and along the way, my friend showed me this amazing thrift shop I’m definitely going to visit again:

IMG_6499 IMG_6501 IMG_7727

It was my first thrift shop and just, YASSS. It was everything I wanted it to be! Small, cramped, chaotic, colourful and most importantly, full of great deals. I found a jean jacket for FIVE BUCKS. If I had more money on me, I would have definitely gotten more items, but alas. I didn’t come prepared…Next time, for sure, I’ll be going with more money.

I’m really glad I went to the festival. This is my family’s last summer in Montreal as we’ll be moving back to the Midwest next summer so I wanted to really milk my time here. Montreal has so much to offer and I haven’t taken advantage of it yet, until now.

So that’s that! Next time, I might go to the famous Jazz festival or maybe visit the cat cafe downtown~ ^^

Until then!



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