Modern Rapunzel

She was trapped in her room forever. Mother had the only way to get in and out without using the window, and of course she didn’t tell her. She wasn’t allowed to go outside and run through the fields or swim in the nearby lake.

But that was okay, because she had wifi. And it’s not like her room was tiny or anything, no; it had high ceilings like the Gothic cathedrals and Mother bought her everything she ever wanted: a high definition TV, a professional camera, all the designer clothes she wanted, the latest Apple gadgets, the newest books, the most exquisite food.

So, in retrospect, it was okay. And after all, she had read about all the bad things that could happen outside, like poison ivy or bug bites or rabies from cute looking animals. And it’s not like she didn’t have enough things to do on her own, either. 

In fact, she was busy running her own empire. A part of her room was her work space, a large desk covered in paper, tape, glue, markers, and crayons. Next to it was a large canvas with the best paints available. And across from the desk was her computer, scanner, and video camera. She often ran back and forth between the two as she scanned her latest drawings or recorded another vlog for her famous YouTube channel ‘LongHairDontCare’. She also ran a blog and had tumblr, twitter, and instagram, each with over a million followers per social media account.

And she never ran out of inspiration, either. All she had to do was scan the New York Times website or go through tumblr to find her next idea for a painting, cartoon, or video.

She got good at it. She was officially Internet famous. Everyone loved the concept of a crazy girl (who was still beautiful) with long hair living in her room. She left out the part of where she was never allowed to leave, of course. And when others wanted to meet with her, she brushed off their requests saying she was too busy, when in reality she was chained to her tower, chained to Mother. But now that she was making a franchise in her predicament, she didn’t mind.


Scary, huh? I mean, in a way, we sometimes act like Rapunzel, don’t we? Locking ourselves up in our room with social media and the Internet as our friends. Which, again, isn’t necessarily bad but the thing is, we don’t have a ridiculously long amount of hair or a crazy witch holding us back.

Anyhow. I had this idea/revelation for a while, so there it is!




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