-wait, did I? I mean, don’t take it personally dear firewall-free Internet, but it was kind of nice being away. It’s not you, it’s me. *starts laughing because it sounds like some breakup line*

I wrote that I’d write posts while I was in China, didn’t I? And that I might get back onto my blog to make sure everyone knew I was alive? I mean, I technically could have with the magic that is VPN, but I didn’t. I was honestly way too busy with everything and it felt nice to be away from it all. Now, this isn’t to say that I haven’t spent some of my time back scrolling through social media (I have, I so have). But at the same time, now after having my first delicious taste of traveling the world on my own, I’m more keen to explore my world more rather than wasting time in front of a screen.

I mean, ever since China, my affinity for walking has multiplied tenfold and now I feel odd if I haven’t walked enough during a day. In fact today, I walked most of the way to the mall to meet my friend. And after having lunch with some friends, we walked back. And it wasn’t annoying or a grievance; rather, it felt natural because I walked everywhere in China. In fact, nowadays I want to walk more especially at night but a girl walking on her own at night is not the best idea…sigh. It was so much easier in China because there was at least one other person walking with me. Oh well…

Now that I’m back and mostly recovered from jet lag, it’s been bang bang bang (lol cue the song) with getting ready to move into my apartment and preparing for the upcoming semester. And on top of school things, I’ve also been running everywhere to meet with friends because I’m not quite sure the next time I’ll be in Montreal (sadly…). It’s just like that one phrase, out of the frying pan and into the fire.

But I’m not really stressed (though maybe I should be?). I mean, I know that yes moving into an apartment and adjusting to all that is really big and all but I’ll make mistakes along the way and learn and from it all, I’ll be smarter and more experienced at the end. This is my first opportunity to face the world and it won’t be perfect or smooth but I’m excited at least to see what I’ll learn and if anything, what stories I will be able to tell once everything is done.

So yup, that’s pretty much what’s happening in my life so far. Or at least, all I’m going to say for this post. I’m excited for this next year of blogging because I have some yummy posts coming up. And by yummy, I mean exciting. You know, like when you’re excited for a dessert? No?- Ahahahaha~

Thank you to my dear followers for not abandoning me even though I kind of disappeared for a bit when I went to China. I assure you, I’m back and I’m definitely not going to stop running this little corner of the big wide Internet. I really do love writing here; it lets me sort through my thoughts and pushes me to improve my writing.

Aaaand, I’ll stop before I ramble on and on. Please do anticipate the posts to come and in general, please have high expectations for this blog!

Much thanks and much love to you all 🙂



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