Caged Sparrow

Always sitting up properly,

well preened, well dressed

in an outfit perfect for a photoshoot

or maybe strolling down the streets of Paris,

though she’d prefer to wander the streets of Seoul, or maybe Tokyo.


To an outsider, maybe she seemed like those girls

who didn’t care much for important things

who didn’t think much.

But under the well crafted, accurately executed exterior

was a buzzing mind.

A mind wanting something new,

a new start,

a new environment.



She handed me a gift

apologizing that it was last minute.

But it didn’t matter

because her explanation for it was enough to make up for it.

It was a ‘dragon egg’ bath bomb.

‘Dragon egg’ because she knew I liked to travel,

liked wings,

liked flying,

and to her, a dragon was all the above and also one of the most free beings.

And she also wanted it to be connected to light,

because she knew that my name meant ‘great light’

and so

since dragons breathed fire,

‘dragon egg’.


It was one of the best explanations for any gift I’d received.

It was then that I realized that my friend was more than just a pretty face.


But no,

she was chained, caged by her protective hawks.

It was frustrating seeing such a beautiful spirit hidden away.

I wanted to see her fly,

fall and get back up more powerful than before,

and learn from the world.


Though not now,

one day the caged sparrow  that is my friend

will be set free.

And when she is,

the skies will welcome her

and the clouds will gain another friend.




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