So. It’s been six days since my family crash landed in Iowa City, crash landing meaning that we drove through the night from Montreal (yeah, we’re kind of crazy). Yesterday my mom and brother went back to Peoria, so for the most part, I’ve been alone in the apartment to organize and clean my room. It’s resembling a room a lot more, thankfully, with my desk, chair, and bed assembled (by moi~).

The only sucky thing is that it’s been a major struggle setting up Wifi. Right now, I’m in the Prairie Lights cafe using Wifi, which I don’t really mind but I can’t do this forever. 

One thing I am missing, though, about living on campus is how close I was to everything. I could easily walk to the Old Capitol mall or Java House and stay until eleven pm then walk back. But now since I live 15 minutes away, it’s not as easy and in fact potentially dangerous if I try to walk back that late. Sigh…

It is fun, though, preparing my own food and being able to plop down on my bed without having to climb up a bunk bed first. And it’s nice having more space too, space to walk around and play guitar and read.

But it’s only just begun. What will it be like when I have to do groceries, or even more than that, trek to school in the snow? That’ll be a true test of living in an apartment, ahaha. Either way, I’m excited to see how that’ll go. I’m not being ignorant of how hard it’ll be, but in the end, I know that living in an apartment with two other friends will teach me a lot and I’ll be more experienced and (hopefully) wiser by the end of it.


This was a pretty random update, ahaha sorry that it’s a bit scattered. It’s nice but also throwing me off that I have access to Wifi again. I’ve just been using data until now so I’m slightly overwhelmed at what to do with Wifi. Hopefully I’ll get back into the rhythm of blogging and organize my posts better.

Until then!-



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