Back for Round Two

Today is the first day of classes, day one for semester three and semester one of sophomore year. It didn’t hit me until, well, I woke up this morning. And even from then,  I moved mechanically, not registering that this is a new academic year. I packed my lunch, walked to class, got a coffee because 7:30 classes, then sat down. And even when class started, I still felt a bit disconnected from the class. 

In a weird way (though it makes sense) I feel like it’s all just deja vu. Which, yes, of course I know the campus and I’m not as lost as I was freshman year (thank goodness) but at the same time, it’s throwing me off. For example, right now as I’m  eating lunch in the main library, I’m getting a flashback of first semester when I always ate in the library before Rhetoric class. It’s like I’m reliving that, except now I packed my own lunch because I’m a grown up girl with her own apartment (ahahahaha).

This semester, I want to establish a blogging schedule since I have massive breaks every day, ranging from three to five hours. It’ll be a good break from studying, and hopefully will also stretch my mind. There’s so much to write about, if only I put in the effort and initiative.

Please anticipate my posts readers and have a lovely day! 🙂




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