Musical Throwbacks

During Statics, my professor said something about space or astronomy and out of nowhere, I heard this song:

The last time I heard this song was FOUR YEARS AGO. I thought I forgot this song, but all of a sudden, I heard the chorus and immediately I remembered my friend Lauren who showed this to me and I remembered listening to this over and over again. Isn’t it great how our brain stores all these random tidbits of information? I mean, it’s not like this song was a huge part of my life or anything, but still it was in a certain time of my life and listening to it flew me back.

I also looked up the other song from Katy McAllister I listened to on repeat:

I remember distinctly listening to this and aching for her. Her voice is so vulnerable and she controls it excellently. I couldn’t relate at all with the song, and yet I felt her pain. It was amazing. And now that I write my own music, I have more admiration for her. You simply can’t write lyrics like that without any experience. It’s such a sharp contrast from the lyrics churned out by typical pop artists about the same expected topics. And although heartbreak isn’t a new topic, the words she uses and her voice honestly telling us about it makes heartbreak all of a sudden something new and personal. That’s why songwriting about your life is so scary, yet rewarding. It really puts yourself out there, vulnerable to the ears of the public. And yet, there’s still a hope that someone else knows what you’re going through and that perhaps your choice to be honest will soothe someone else and offer them hope.

I hope to do this with my music too one day…


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