Shine Some Light!

Do you ever have that moment when you see someone but you’re never sure if you should wave or say hi or not? What if they don’t see you? Or worse, what if they do but ignore you? Or, even more than that, what if you get into an awkward conversation that seems obligated?

Being back on campus, I’ve definitely seen some familiar faces and have hesitated or not done anything. But just now, I was pleasantly surprised.

I saw my friend Estelle (hey girl hey~) earlier today but I was hesitant to say anything. Last I saw her, she was more shy and I didn’t want to get into a conversation right then. But just now, she came up to me with a big smile and greeted me. Her demeanour was charming and her recognizing me was more pleasant that I expected. She definitely wasn’t as shy and it was refreshing to see that she was more talkative. Isn’t it great how people mature?

Because of that, now I want to not be shy in starting conversations or at least waving hi. After all, the other person might have opened up a bit more, or maybe just a friendly face will make their day a bit brighter. Even if it’s to my own inconvenience, it’s worth it if it helps another, is it not?

Thank you, Estelle, for making my day a bit brighter :). And now, I will try to relay your actions to other people I see today~ Spread the happiness everyone! Shine some light out there 🙂



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