If I Loved You cont’d

For my creative writing class, we looked at beginning of novels then tried to continue them. I took the snippet from If I Loved You by Robin Black and I’m actually quite satisfied with how it turned out. If you liked it or didn’t like it, please let me know~

You want to build a fence between our homes.

It will be wood, you tell us.

/// (now it’s my writing)

It’s for your own good as well, you tell us as builders walk in and out of your primp, pristine home. Trust me, you tell us as large, mammoth logs start to collect outside your grand mahogany double doors. 

But my mother taught me to never trust men with shifty eyes and too much money. They will only bring you trouble, she told me as she rhythmically stirred her daily glass of expresso. So when you meet one, run away if you can.

But I can’t; the disease, my boy, and the future won’t let me.

If I loved you, I would cut open the vein to my thoughts.

But I don’t.



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