Update: Closer to Discovery!

Hello everyone! So, presently my brain feels really filled, as if it’ll burst with a slight prod but though it is giving me a slight headache, it’s really good. Let me explain.

I’m presently taking Introduction to International Studies and it’s been really expanding my world and what I think about. I used to never think about the world economy and finance, but now I’m being thrust into the thick of it with my readings for class but rather than being overwhelmed to the point of stress, I’m overwhelmed in a good way because now there’s a whole new field for me to discover. It’s as if I’m some explorer who just found some new island or nation. I never dipped into the field of economics, mostly because it scared me and I thought that it’d be really complicated and a bit boring, haha. But now, I’m realizing how key it is to how the world works and especially in international relations and globalization. I’m even considering taking an intro to economics class because of it (thanks for the suggestion Adrian~). 

Besides this flurry of discovering economics, I’m also seeing potential places for my future. We have this assignment due today that’s doing a profile for an international governmental organization, groups like the UN and the Asian Development Bank. Just reading about the UN in my textbook made me really excited and it was as if the sky was opening up. There’s so many things I can do, so many places I can see myself potentially in the future. I now have a list of jobs and internships to research.

It’s amazing how things are slowly falling into place, finally. It’s almost the end of my first month in sophomore year and already things are sharpening and clearing up for me. For the first time, I feel like I’m getting somewhere. I thought I was just floundering, but taking these classes are stretching me and opening my mind to different potentials and opportunities. Right now, I’m leaning heavily to switching out of engineering into International Studies coupled with a Writing Certificate. I have to map out the next three years again with this new track and rather than being stressed about it, I’m excited. I want to work in this and though it will be a lot of work, I’m excited to be thrust into it.

This semester, my semester is half engineering courses and half courses I’m interested in. At first, the thought intimidated me, but time is never wasted and I can always pull some lesson from my situations. This is going to be my last semester in engineering and ultimately, a semester for me to manage my time and juggle my interests. It was hard at first, definitely and I did miss some assignments because of some happenings in my personal life and stress, but this week has been going excellently as I’m finally settling into a routine of household chores, studying, and researching my future. It also helps that I’m studying daily at the library with some friends from church, who help me keep accountable.

In short, life is going pretty well right now. It’s not perfect, but I can feel myself inching closer to where I want to be. It’s honestly a relief and a testimony that God is faithful because even in the midst of stress and the darkness of the past few weeks, I’ve still been able to pull through and see the fruit of the courses I’m taking. And it’s only week four!-

So, dear readers, don’t give up. Even if it seems like your’e going nowhere, keep on chugging along because you will get a breakthrough. Hopefully my little story has inspired you? 🙂



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