Disgust on a Whole New Level: Sex Trafficking

I’m presently taking a Introduction to International Studies and tomorrow’s class focuses on the topic of Human Trafficking and after watching the required video focusing on Sex Trafficking in Eastern Europe, I feel absolutely filthy and disgusted beyond anything before. I feel like to balance out the horrors I learned about I need to spend a good hour just watching fluffy Buzzfeed videos or maybe some candy Kpop music videos or variety shows. But then I’m running away from the weighty truth of the situation and like many others, just ignoring it…

I actually feel like my heart was dipped in some nasty broth and now I feel soaked, broiling in something gross, unnatural, and completely wrong. While this frustration and disgust lasts, I’m doing some further research about it and listening to my angsty rap/hip hop/electronic playlist.


Take a look at these awful stats about sex trafficking…

Screenshot 2015-09-22 21.37.29

Screenshot 2015-09-22 21.37.16

I didn’t know that the USA was also a big part of this. Atlanta is the biggest centre for sex trafficking with the illegal trafficking racking up $290 million a year. I thought it was something for the countries abroad because surely America was more noble than that?Unfortunately, not. Not only is there illegal trafficking happening on our own soil, Americans also participate in it abroad as sex tourists, taking advantage of weak legal systems to buy cheap sex abroad.

Sex trafficking always starts from false promises. A promise for a job, romance, security. And the people who run this illegal business always target the weaker people, the people who are desperately needing attention or a friend. For example, they’ll target the bullied girl, the homeless youth, and the victims of domestic violence and tune into their longings, exploiting their desperate need. In poorer countries, sometimes people go into the trafficking more aware because survival is the goal, even if it means lowering standards so one can support a brother, care for a sick mother, and pay the rent. Ultimately by offering the cure to people, be it attention, jobs, or romance, sex traffickers get control.

After the initial trap, then comes the break-in period where girls or children are gang raped and beaten viciously to destroy their self esteem and brainwash them, to make them think they are nothing, to make them feel filthy. Then once victims are crushed, sex traffickers can easily trade them between different destinations because the victims are now scarred.


It is unbelievable that something God created to be beautiful and special has become a dehumanizing business. Sex wasn’t meant to be bad, it was meant to cement the relationship between a married couple. But when it becomes a pastime and a form of entertainment for strangers, it loses it’s special value. Let’s face it; sex has become totally and utterly stripped of its honor.

Sex is used to sell almost everything. Clothes, alcohol, music, and now even sex itself is being sold. And yes, it does sell well so in that sense it is a good strategy but at the same time it propagates so many messed up and wrong things, like expectations placed on men and women on how each gender should act and should expect the other to act. And not only that, but sex has also become a franchise with sex toys and dirty jokes, all the more destroying what was intended by God to be good, a gift to people.

I don’t understand at all how people can make sexual jokes. You’re messing it up even for yourself. And not just sexual jokes, also sexual dance moves and porn and sexual music videos. How can humanity completely trash sex and now be at the point where they don’t even care about it anymore?

For me, when I see sex trafficking, it hurts because I know that the solution is simple; it’s love. Love of self, love from others, real true love that fulfills, supports, and heals. Love like from 1 Corinthians 13.

Screenshot 2015-09-22 21.59.20

If that girl wasn’t lonely, she wouldn’t have been targeted. If that man wasn’t craving love, he wouldn’t have gone to that brothel in Cambodia. “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” Anne Frank said this in the midst of the Holocaust, and I strongly agree with her. I think if people had love and were surrounded by it, we wouldn’t have sex trafficking.

Being a Christian, when I see all this pain, I honestly am just drawn back to how much people need God. God is love. He loves us in ridiculous proportions, to the point that He sent His only perfect son to redeem us back to Him. I mean, just imagine the Maker of the entire Universe and in fact the origin and definition of love loving you. That’s mind-blowing and that fact enough is enough to change everything about a person because once you know that you are loved, things change. And this love from God is more than any love a parent or lover can give because God is love. Through Him, our identity is changed to one loved by God, a child of God, the high King of Kings. Life isn’t easier, but it makes more sense and is never lonely because we always have God.

The big question, then is how to convey and show this love to others. The world is in so much need and craving for love. It’s what all the songs are about, what everyone talks about, what everyone experiences, regardless where they live. People do crazy things in the name of love, or the lack of it.

The Beatles were right, all we need is love. Pure, out of this world love, one that changes all we are and cements us in an unshakeable identity and makes us invincible to the world.

From love and caring for others, sex trafficking is being fought against. People are moved by love for others who are suffering and moved to action. But the battle is still underway against sex trafficking. 29 countries haven’t joined a protocol to fight human trafficking. On the international stage, sex trafficking hasn’t gotten enough attention to demand help from large corporations. And even more than that, much of the world is blissfully ignorant to the horrors of the world’s fastest growing criminal enterprise.

I hope that after reading this that your world, dear reader, has been expanded to include even the darkest shadows. It’s not pleasant and not a fun topic to discuss, but it’s necessary. Most likely, if you’re reading this post, you’re in a comfortable position, safe, protected from sex traffickers. But there’s many others just like you, your age, your gender, your ethnicity who are suffering because of sex trafficking.

Share the word. Talk about this awful topic and do your research and then do something. If that means just talking about it, do so. After all, maybe you’ll inspire someone to do something really big. Power to the people and power to awareness, right folks?


Side note:

I haven’t written much about my faith on my blog. This is the first post where I really shed light on the inner workings of my mind. This’ll become common as I dig into heavy topics. Truth is, my faith is my core and the deeper I share from my mind, the more it will undoubtedly spring up.

So I guess this is a warning or a precursor. And no, I won’t be changing this. This blog was created to be an outlet for my mind, a way to organize my thoughts. If that means that I venture into talking about my faith, so be it.



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