Reconstruction of the Blog!

A big hello to all my lovely readers~ I hope your day is going well because you, my friend, are a wonderful person, don’t you forget that! 🙂

*This post is mostly administrative. I’ve changed how I organize my posts in (I hope) a better way to navigate between all the topics I write about on my blog.*

Slice of My Life has posts stemming from my personal life. Things like faith, random thoughts, and updates about how my studies are going. Brain Children is the branch containing my material: poetry and prose. Brain Sparks are very different than the Brain Children tab. Brain Sparks has posts that are a result of my brain being interested, or sparked (ahahahahaha clever Ashley, clever) into following a rabbit trail to some topic. Academia has posts that are mostly reflections about what I’m learning in class. It’s a new category and I’m hoping to fill it up more and push myself to think more critically about what I’m learning in class. And last but not least is Hallyu, where I both analyze and fangirl Hallyu in all it’s spectacular glory and layers.

I hope that clears things up a bit more! And hopefully this new layout of the blog will make it easier to find something interesting to read~

Happy reading! Enjoy your stay on Wings, Ashes, and Lights and please do come back to visit!

Thank you thank you thank you for swinging by~ 🙂



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