iKON “Airplane” and “Rhythm Ta” MV Reaction and Review

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AND Y’ALLS THOUGHT I MIGHT HAVE BEEN DONE WITH THIS SECTION OF MY BLOG MWAHAHAHAHA. Sorry to my readers who are like bruh why she keep doing all this kpop stuff. But Korean music/Kpop/K-Indie is here to stay~

I actually totally forgot about iKON (don’t hate me guise). It was actually my friend Charlie who reminded me that oh yeah they’ve *finally* debuted. So thanks Charlie for giving me a fun break and chance to react and review them! 

Here’s some basic info about iKON and why their debut has been VERY anticipated:

  • Before they were iKON they were known as Team B in the show WIN, aka Who Is Next, a survival show run by YG (their company) to see which boy group would debut next. Team A, now known as WINNER (ahahaha cheeky, YG, cheeky) won and got to debut. Fans were upset, though, because no information was given about the fate of Team B and when we’d see them again. It seemed unfair that this group’s debut would have to be delayed simply because they lost.
    • From the snippets I heard of the material, I actually thought Team B would win because I liked their material better. I preferred their version of ‘Just Another Boy‘ and liked their self composed song ‘Climax‘ more than ‘Go Up’ by Team A. In fact, ‘Climax’ is one of my favorite inspirational songs because it’s just so raw and honest, especially when it’s just the rap with no background. Powerful.
  • Bobby, one of the rappers from Team B participated in Show Me the Money, a rap competition show and won. He got lots of attention here because of his unique growly voice. This paved the way for him to also feature in LeeHi and Suhyun’s single “I’m Different“. He also got to be in Epik High’s “Born Hater” and collaborated with Master Wu in “Come Here” *note: these songs do have cursing in them. I’m not a super fan of them, but here they are for reference*
    • I really like Bobby’s rapping style. It seems really raw and honest and he’s a master of how to use his voice.
  • Then Papa YG decided to Team B another chance, but of course it wouldn’t be easy. They had to compete AGAIN in ‘Mix and Match’, a competition to determine the final line up for iKON. Bobby, Jinhwan, and B.I. (Hanbin) were already confirmed, but the other slots were open. That meant that even the people who were in Team B had to compete AGAIN. But, lol, they all made it along with Chanwoo. The line up was now finalized.
    • This was cruel. Like seriously, it’s just Team B plus Chanwoo, not to say that Chanwoo is less because he joined last, but they could have just made it as a competition to be one more of Team B’s member. Then again, I didn’t watch the show so maybe the remaining Team B members almost didn’t make it. Either way, it’s undeniable that this was a big way to keep everyone’s interest on iKON.

And now, they’ve finally *officially* debuted as iKON. Okay, actually a couple of days ago they also had their ‘warm-up’ single, but I think this is their official debut. Which, bonus fact, the warm up single smashed the charts apparently. I didn’t find it super impressive; I mean, after all the hype, just a chill song? Was this going to be similar to how WINNER came in? But even then, I liked WINNER’s debut stuff better because it was so well layered and produced. Hm…

Okay, I’ve been going on a while about them, let’s get to the actual music videos now! That’s right, readers, PLURAL, as in TWO music videos. And by the looks of the title, it looks like one will be mellow and the other will be all like SWAGGITY SWAG SWAG IM THE BOMB (*verbatim, hahahaha not really but you know~).


(take one)

Ahahaha an airplane ok

Oh nice beattttt

Interesting rap voice a bit high pitched?

Nice falsetto


Nice laid back vibes

Ofc only one girl right

Oh snap bobby vs hanbin?


Blondie has a nice voice

*I hope there’s only one blondie?


Oh that nice high voice

I still don’t get what’s up with the airplanes tho


Ok let me clarify then light blondie not dark one

Wait so who did she choose

Oh so she likes airplanes?-


Take out batteries of clock? SYMBOLISM?


Where’s bobby tho

She’s leaving to where? Murica?




Oho nice way to write ikon


(take two cause confusion in the plot lol)

oh ok so it starts out after she left and he’s flashbacking ok

so hanbin is the main character then

how does bobby play into this

so hanbin is with her and bobby is just a friend

no love triangle then ok

I don’t get it, so they’re not together?

OH OK SO HE SEES HER TICKET OK but he doesn’t tell her he saw it

And then he gets all sad

And wants to see her so runs to the airport

But wait there’s no closure

They didn’t like each other, or neither of them confessed?


Why did you hold hands then





Oh snapppppppppppppppppppp





Though what’s up with their outfit um

All bball players?

Lol the horn sounds like farting

It’s like laid back swagger interesting

Weird…not sure if I like it yet

It’s also reminiscent of another song but I can’t tell which one yet

Um pugs?-


Oh body rolls haha

Randomly doing pushups lol

Oh snap all in suits now

Oh now they finally play basketball lol

The buildup leggoooo

Still not fully digging the beat…seems a bit too slow?

Ahahaha the little percussion thingy at the end ahahahaha


Interesting, YG, interesting. It’s not like WINNER because they intentionally showed us their swaggy side and their chill/mellow/woe is me side.

I personally liked ‘Airplane’ more. The music video was nice and the plot was definitely a bonus. It wasn’t like just watching boys wallow in some random hotel room surrounded by shadows. There was a girl, there were two boys, and then separation.

‘Rhythm Ta’ on the other hand was the typical WE DA BEST YO swagger every where. I’ll give them props for the unique idea of filming them in the locker room. Let’s be real here, though, that was to show off Bobby’s famous/infamous abs from Show Me the Money. Okay, YG I see how it is. But besides that, it was interesting to do that. I mean, in those scenes they were literally dancing around in bathrobes. Okay then…

I’m not really sure how to feel about ‘Rhythm Ta’ to be honest. I can definitely sense the swagger and the in your face attitude, but the beat seems a bit too slow to keep up with the energy in the raps and singing. Or maybe (make that most likely) it’ll take a while for me to adjust to it. Also, it kind of bothered me that it reminded me faintly of another song. Because of that, it didn’t seem as original.

I’m not really going to discuss the dance because, well, it wasn’t as key to these songs like it is for other groups. In these music videos, we focus more on the energy of the boys and their acting, which okay that works too. The boys do a pretty good job of working the space, so it works. Also, the dance didn’t particularly stick out for me.

In general, though, YG doesn’t focus as much on the dancing. So I’m not surprised. I’m curious to see how their live stages will look though, and also to see how their songs will do on the music charts. Will all the hype building up since WIN finally pay off?-


So, iKON is here.

I’m glad that they’ve finally landed onto the scene and it’s definitely true that they’re a talented bunch, but I’m actually concerned for them.

Yes, yes, WINNER debuted before them but still it’s a very interesting move that he debuts two groups within such a short gap. Usually boy groups are debuted about when an older group’s members are starting to go to perform the required army session. So my big question is how we’ll be able to differentiate between iKON and WINNER.

There are different voices and each group has their respectable famous names: Bobby for iKON since he won Show Me the Money and Mino because he got second place in this year’s Show Me the Money, but what after that? What will be the style differences? How can YG be sure that an iKON song won’t get confused with a WINNER song?

Maybe the members will compose more? Maybe WINNER will stick with the mellower material and iKON will use the hip hop theme? What will each group be able to stake off as their own? What can each group bring to the already full Kpop scene? In a way, the fact that they’re from YG gives them a bit more breathing space than say a group that debuted under a smaller company. But now they have to prove that they are different and worth listening to and worth our money.

Personally, right now I like WINNER more. Their debut songs were brilliant and though they were mellow, showed depth that isn’t super common in debut songs. Will they stick with this? Who knows. After all, Kpop groups are famous for doing a 180 turn between promotions.

At the same time, though, I’m going to keep tabs on iKON. I want to see the creative direction they’re going to follow. Also, to hear more of Bobby because his voice, ahaha.

Congratulations for finally debuting iKON and I look forward to your future works!


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