My creative writing TA told us the best way to revise pieces is to rewrite them from scratch.

That idea immediately scared me. I mean, how far can I go? And especially with my poetry, I don’t want to lose the essence of a piece by rewriting it. I mean, wouldn’t it compromise the poem?

But yesterday, I decided to give it a try. Right after an idea banged on my door, I held on to it long enough to write three different poems from the same idea. There were similar concepts in all three, but to my pleasant surprise, each went deeper and brought fresh new perspectives to the idea. Rather than draining an idea, I was finding more treasures inside it the more I pushed my mind and my creativity.

And now, the final poem I wrote is a lovely conglomeration of three poems and I believe Β the best presentation of it. Now I feel like I’ve given it the best of my ability. And more importantly, now I’m doing this with all my poems.

I highly recommend this to all writers! Don’t be scared of ruining an idea; trust me, you’ll be able to know if you are, but if anything, ideas are treasure troves waiting to be discovered, so don’t be afraid to dig deeper and challenge yourself~

I’ll post my poems soon, once I refine them a bit more. Please anticipate them πŸ™‚

Happy writing everyone!



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