3 Weeks Left: Update

So, officially it’s been 20 days since my last blog post (wow Ashley, you srsly need to write more what have you been doing you lazy child ㅠㅠ). But, I have been writing, just…not sharing my work because I’ve fallen prey into the whole thing that my poetry/prose has to be refined before sharing it. Alas.

Where have I been since my last post? 

  • Classes (duh, haha)
    • Writing for classes, scraping through my engineering classes, staying at the library until at least 10pm to use NiteRide to drive me back home cause it’s dark and no one wants to be outside esp as a girl
  • Thanksgiving Break
    • A week back in Montreal! Aka meeting with friends and traveling back and forth to downtown MTL for bubble tea, exploring lovely hidden cafes. I also got to meet with my English prof from my CEGEP and fangirl about the play I watched in Iowa that we studied.
    • Also, being back home means family and learning that whoa Chris has changed but in good ways (as in, he greets me with ‘yo’ and ‘sup’ sometimes, but hey, kids nowadays right? AND I REALIZED THAT NEXT YEAR HE BECOMES AN OFFICIAL ADULT SINCE HE’LL BE 18 WAT NO NOT ALLOWED). And talking with my parents about my major, clearing up misunderstandings, centring back on God
    • Procrastinating mostly on work, but I’m proud that I wrote my first draft of my Statics essay about the Sewol Tragedy, which by the way is so messed up like seriously.

And now, there’s three weeks left (two weeks of classes and then finals week, of which I have two exams). Today I woke up at 6 (I know, I don’t really believe it either) and have been pretty productive. In the morning, since I woke up with adequate time, I had breakfast and read a bit from this literary magazine to remind me how much I miss writing. Then after class, I did my devotional and then fixed my wifi problem, then satisfied my lazy side by going on Facebook for a bit then told myself to focus and now I’m writing this run-on sentence in a post that has taken 20 days to finally come into existence.

(If you made it through that rambling sentence, congrats my friend. At this point, I’m just writing and writing and writing because oh my goodness it feels glorious to feel the keys under my fingers and see my thoughts spill out before me as they come. Thank goodness Appa emphasized the importance of typing when I was younger because now I can type as fast as I can think. Anyway, I’ll stop before going off into another tangent, haha)

So, here I am, 3 weeks away from winter break. Now that I’m reminded how much I actually love to write and blog, I hope to write more and make myself be more active on  this blog.

Thank you all for reading and keeping up with my capricious posting~ You are all very lovely people ^^



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